PHP Content Management

This is a highly scaleable CMS system, allowing you to grow from the basic CMS system to a fully-fledged E-Commerce enabled website with all the bells and whistles. The system allows you to scale up at your pace, growing when your company grows.

Our content mangement system is a CMS that strives to put the power in your hands, while removing the need for html or programming knowledge. Unlike other systems available, ours goes the extra step to make adding editing and manipulating objects, as easy and intuitive as possible for the layman. In this way we ensure immediate editing capabilities by any person allowed secure access, without training or expensive editing programs. We offer an array of modules that handle Internet tasks with ease and a little more thought than found in other systems.

All modules are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly while delivery of content is streamlined to accommodate slow connections. We are continually building new modules to solve everyday business and Internet needs.

In our Content Manager, we have gone the extra step to make managing sites as easy as pie. We have striven to avoid page reloading and excessive pop-up windows, while putting all the tools and gadgets at your disposal in an effective yet unobtrusive tool bar mechanism. Our system prefers the dynamic 'real-time' approach where what you do is immediately evident (as opposed to doing one thing in a window and then reloading the content area). We have also included 'nice-to-haves' like Menu editor, Tool tip editor, link editor and Form editor which all have tool tip guides every step of the way.

Our Gallery module is designed around ease of use for not only users but administrators as well. Our approach is to allow easy access to Gallery administration tools and settings whilst putting as many customization tools and extras at administrators' disposal.

Administrators can configure how the gallery behaves and also how users interact, order or acquire further images. Gallery also integrates with our E-Commerce module.

Galleries are often burdened by excessive html code that slows the delivery of images. This has been solved with a 'data-only' delivery solution that allows for rapid image deployment to users. Gallery also allows you to add your own database fields that are searchable, allowing for great flexibility. Furthermore, Gallery has sophisticated displaying methods for sorting and viewing images, while allowing for full customisation of views by both admin and users. Gallery also employs the latest EXIF extraction tools for easy automatic categorization of images.

The following modules are currently available:

* Base CMS Module
* Photo Gallery
* iVeri E-Commerce
* MyGate E-Commerce
* Newsletter Mailing Module
* Products Database
* BLOG Module
* Online Calendar Module
* Membership Module
* Video Gallery
* Online Bookings Module
* Articles Module
* News Module
* Advanced Administrator Control
* Forums
* Polls & Surveys

These above modules can either be purchased outright, or can be rented on a monthly basis. The decision is up to you! All the modules are scaleable, so you dont need to decide upfront what modules you want, you can add as you grow!

Call us now for a demonstration this Content Management System, or  send us a mail and we'll get in touch with you!